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VESCular6 Firmware : https://github.com/dongilc/bldc_5.02_openrobot_ver1

VESCular6 ROS Driver and Example : https://github.com/dongilc/catkin_ws_openrobot

What is VESCular6?

VESCular6 is a multi-functional motor controller that specializes in robot position control. Based on Benjamin Vedderb's VESC6 hardware, it provides complete compatibility and enables accurate position control.

Based on the current VESC6 latest Firmware, VESCular6 firmware had been developed by adding custom applications. This allows additional functionality to be performed while maintaining all the functions provided by the existing VESC6 firmware.

VESCular6 can be more useful for robot applications that require accurate positioning algorithms such as manipulators, omnidirectional robots, etc.

In VESCular6, we provide precise position control algorithms, Degree Per Second (DPS) speed control and Goto control, based on trapezoidal speed profiles. High-level commands can be issued through VESC-Tool and the Robot Operating System (ROS).

What is VESCuino shield?

The VESCuino and VESCular project was launched to apply the VESC, which is commonly used in electric-skating board, to "the Robotics area".

VESCuino Shield can be interconnected in a stacked structure. Power pins and CAN communication pins, SPI communication pins are connected via board stacking, and multi-axis control can be performed by sending commands to only one master motor controller through USB.

The connection can be established using Arduino Mega and Due, and commands can be sent at high speed through SPI communication.

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